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4 tips to catch a spicy dish

Discover this week, our 4 best tips to catch your spicy dishes and balance your recipes!
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02/27/2019 - 16:54
Christine MBENGONO

1- You can start by adding grated vegetables such as potatoes or carrots. Just a handful is enough to catch your spicy dish. If you do not have these vegetables on hand and ...

2 - You have powdered sugar, sweet ketchup or honey, use them to rebalance the flavors of your dish. Not all of this at the same time but either a coffee of honey, a pinch of sugar or a little tip of Ketchup will suffice! If these items are not available at your place ...

3 - You can decide to bring a little acidity to a dish too spicy (or spicy) by adding lemon or vinegar. The juice (acid or sweet) of tomato or fresh pineapple, can neutralize the chilli. If the acidity does not suit you ...

4 - Add dairy products. A tablespoon of plain yogurt, a spoonful of fresh cream or a little coconut milk and your dish is rebalanced!

See you soon for new tips!

 ©Christine MBENGONO


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