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ANGLOPHONE CRISIS - Assassination of the teacher of Bamenda: another murderous act in the form of distrust with regard to the power of Etoudi

The discovery of the severed head of a teacher in Bamenda seems to indicate that secessionists do not intend to make apron, leaving somewhat doubtful those who were convinced to see the end of the tunnel
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05/23/2019 - 18:20
Christine MBENGONO
CRISE ANGLOPHONE – Assassinat de l’enseignant de Bamenda : un autre acte meurtrier aux allures de défiance à l’égard du pouvoir d’Etoudi

While the power of Etoudi has not finished welcoming the progress - somewhat unlikely - recorded in the resolution of the so-called "Anglophone crisis", after the tour of the Prime Minister Joseph DION NGUTE in the Northwest and the south-west, the assassination of a teacher in Bamenda arouses a strong emotion and updates the real impact of the still very fresh, journey of the head of the government in the zones in conflict.

For more than a week, Joseph DION NGUTE as peace envoy, traveled through the regions in crisis, chanting a government position in favor of dialogue. Several Cameroonian sons who had joined the ranks of the separatists then agreed to lay down their arms. Beautiful, moving and reassuring images that the severed head of Olivier WANTAI, swung in the street by unidentified individuals comes to sweep, to leave room for a strong feeling of incomprehension, if it does not simply leave a doubt on the beginning crisis relief announced by the government.

Has the journey of Joseph DION NGUTE been as fruitful as the government claims? The option of disarmament through dialogue, without however yielding to the main requirement of separation and secession advanced by the armed gangs of the English-speaking regions, is feasible, since, obviously, some armed gangs seem to be keen to make it known that is not tomorrow the day before? As many concerns to the affirmatively uncertain answers, both the strategies and efforts of the government seem to have led so far only to a new impasse, each time, with bloody twists, leaving families in despair.

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