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Home cooking: skewer recipe

  The transformation of soybeans into meat is today one of the innovations in the agri-food sector. This meat obtained from soy is very nutritional and is considered a vegetable.
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07/06/2019 - 09:50
oriende tchocgna


What you need to make skewers:

A linen (very clean)
Cooking salt
Refined oil (preferably)
Non-alcoholic vinegar

Preparation and cooking

To succeed in this recipe, follow the steps below:

Pre-ferment soy for at least 7h of time,
After fermentation, crush it with a mill to obtain the soy milk,
Pour water and filter (like the porridge) to get rid of waste
The resulting liquid will be placed on a fire and after boiling we will add alcohol-free vinegar and turn it in the same direction until the liquid is solidified

Then pour into a clean cloth and press to extract the water completely; what will give us a leg

Finally cut this leg into pieces and put on skewers, choose between frying in the oil or then go to the embers.

So ladies we are at the end of our recipe

Enjoy your meal everybody !!

NB: this meat can be eaten with bread or without accompaniment.

See you soon for a new recipe!


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