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Home cooking: Cooking termites easily!

Have you ever tried termites? If so, you are a connoisseur; a gourmet! If not, it does not matter because we will give you a recipe that will allow you to easily cook termites and especially to enjoy! Let's go!
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02/15/2019 - 12:04
Christine MBENGONO

Still called "white ants", termites are small insects rich in protein and very popular in southern and central Cameroon!

So, how to cook termites easily?

What you need !

First, remember that we do not say "a" termite, but "a" termite! Or, if you do not know which article to use, simply say "termites"!

Then, predict:

500g of termites

2 medium onions

1 lemon

5 cloves of garlic

1 tomato very red

Chilli (termites taste better when you add chilli)

1 leek

Oil (palm or peanut is really your choice!)

Some water



Preparation and cooking:

Wash your termites at least 3 times in warm water, to which you have been careful to add salt and lemon juice, then drain them. 3 times is the minimum, but you can go more than 3 times if you feel that sand or dust has not disappeared completely.

Crush garlic, pepper, leek and 1 onion and a half (for the onion, it is true that we prefer the rapper to go more easily, and crush the rest).

Slice the other half of the onion and set aside.

Once everything is ready, put some water in a pan and pour your termites (make sure that the water slightly exceeds the level of termites in the pan). Add salt and boil all over low heat for 10 minutes

Open the pan and check if there is still some water. Add a little if there is more and pour all the ingredients you have crushed! Add salt and pour 4 tablespoons of oil.

Close your pan and let it simmer.

Stir occasionally until the water runs dry! Turn off the fire.

In a skillet, heat a little oil and fry the chopped onions for a few seconds. Then pour them into your termite pan and cover!

That's it, it's ready! You can consume them without accompaniment or with cassava (for you to see)

See you soon for a new recipe!

©Christine MBENGONO

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