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Cameroon - Death of Dj Arafat: between crying and criticism

The tragic death of the young Ivorian artist doubly "KORAted", Dj Arafat, shakes the Cameroonian canvas to the point of mixing, crying and criticism of all kinds. Cameroun-Online gives its opinion on the question.
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08/13/2019 - 11:04
Christine MBENGONO

Even after his death, DJ Arafat still manages to create controversy. In Cameroon, between those who call him a superstar of Satan and those who cry a legend that has upset the habits of Dj and young brothers, the war is launched.

This is at least what the various publications below demonstrate:

Faced with all this, we can easily observe that the same questions are resurfacing: Do we have the same fights / artistic tastes? Are we judging emotions and thoughts of others? Do we have the same values? Do we celebrate the same legends? Are we obliged to "mourn" an artist or a loved one in the same way?

To that, Cameroon-online was kind enough to answer it in these terms:

To each his fights, each his opinion. Let us not be judges or dictators of the thoughts and emotions of people (...)
It is we who grew up with the music of Little Country, Lisa T, Eboa lotin ... who know what they represent for us. And it is up to us to pay them deserved homage before, during or after their death (...) And if we want others to join the ranks of our battles, it will certainly not be blameworthy due to this pseudo ephemeral Facebook patriotism ... But concrete and palpable actions on the ground ...

The web is crowded with young people under 30 and very sincerely, You're going to ask people who were born in 94-95-96 and who grew up with Arafat's music, the music of Davido, the zik of Mr Leo, Daphne, Maalhox etc, not to cry an artist they consider their icon, to cry your icons to you? Or our icons to us? Where is the true hypocrisy finally?
Sorry, let people cry whoever they want!
Do not let the "discovery package" make us forget that we are Bantu and, a Bantu, it bows to a body!

The king of the offbeat Coupé was 33 years old! Dj Arafat, Angel Didier Houon is no longer ... he is now a LEGEND !



©Christine MBENGONO