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How to choose the glasses according to the shape of the face

  To choose your glasses, you must first study the dominant geometric shape of your face
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07/10/2019 - 12:57
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Choosing your eyeglasses or sunglasses is not easy at all; we take into account the shape of the face and the mount. There are therefore 7 basic shapes for the face: round, oval, triangular of the lower base, triangular of the upper base, rectangular, square and diamond.

For this, all these forms of face correspond to different frames. Let's follow the tips below:

Round face: narrow, angular frame
Oval face: you can afford any type of mount
Triangular face of the lower base: frame accented by colors and details on the upper half of the face
Triangular face of the upper base: wider frame on the lower edge
Rectangular or elongated face: decorated or contrasted frames with a low bridge
Square face: avoid the square frame
Diamond or diamond face: small frame in geometric or oval shape.
Use this secret to always be attractive with glasses. See you soon for a new tip.

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