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Cameroon : K-Tino at the Sanza Night Club

cameroonian artist, K-Tino,  signs his return with a giant show in Yaounde on August 09, 2019 from 22 hours.
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04/21/2019 - 17:56
Mike Biya
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The performance of K-Tino will be complemented by the best mix of Dj Christian, Dj XL, Junior Dj, Dj Arthur and Dj Thubo. The woman of the people has 16 albums including Elevator (1991, Chalet Productions Vol.1), Thermometer (1993), Casse Bambou (1995), La Petite Adada (1998), Viagra - Drop (2000, JPN Paris), Ekobo (2000), Equality Oblige (2000), Action 69 (2001, Nkulnnam NKL18), Ekargator (2002, Nkulnnam NKL1) and Banked Dance (2010).

After stopping the music and disappearing from the scene after his album "La danse Bankalisée" in 2010, K-Tino rebounded. This, thanks to a collaboration with Mani Bella, a young Cameroonian artist who symbolizes the revival of Bikutsi. The song called ''Le Secret de MaMa'' was released on January 13, 2018 on the official YouTube account of the young singer. It was for mark the return of the one who is now called La Mama by her fans.

Rejuvenated by the warming occasioned by this return after years between her new life of evangelist and wife filled, the artist entered the studio. In July 2018, she surprised her audience with the title WataFufu. This title has the merit of allowing the artist to reconnect with the recipe that has always been successful for decades. The rhythm is wrapped in explicit words that music lovers love.

This earned her to be nominated in the category Female Artist of the Year at Canal 2'Or. K-Tino is a popular bikutsi singer. She sings in particular in ewondo and in French. In his early days, the famous guitarist Zanzibar's late memory was his mentor. At the end of the 1980s, K-Tino took the microphone at the "Escalier Bar" cabaret in Yaounde. She sang for a few months with "Les Zombies de la Capitale" until 1991.

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