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Cameroon - justice: Calixthe Beyala gets the closure of a school in Douala

The Franco-Cameroonian writer and a collective of inhabitants of the Kotto district obtained the closure for noise nuisance, the school group "paradise Angels Kotto", located near the home of Calixthe Beyala, in the 5th district of Douala, after several twists.
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12/20/2018 - 16:35
Christine MBENGONO
rédactrice Cameroun-online

The case that pits the novelist Calixte Beyala to the school group "paradise Angels Kotto", trainee before the courts of the city of Douala since October 2017. As a reminder, the said institution housed near the residence of the novelist, the had brought to justice on this date for "noise nuisance during school hours".

The director of Kotto's kindergarten and primary school, accused Calixthe Beyala of deliberately setting the volume at the highest level to disrupt the course.

To clear customs, the literary grand prize for Black Africa, in turn accused the establishment of not being in compliance with the Ministry of Lands, Cadastre and Land Affairs. Indeed, the school group "the paradise of the Angels of Kotto" which has an operating license for the 3rd district of Douala, is rather installed since 27 years already in the 5th district of the city.

The clashes will continue for several months between the two protagonists. On Friday, February 2, 2018, the parents of students of this school will decide to enter the battle by scratching on placards a string of complaints against Calixthe Beyala.

The main claim is to allow their offspring to learn in a peaceful setting. "We are here to end the problems our children are facing. We just want Mrs Calixthe Beyala to let our children go to school and stop making music to make them unwell." Olivier Dicka, vice president of the Association of Parents and Teachers, had explained this day. of the establishment.

This demonstration had made a plate in the city of Douala. The competent administrative authorities had been seized, including the prefect of Wouri. Joseph Bertrand Mache in order to resolve the conflict, then ordered a few months after the demonstration (June 2018) the relocation of the school, by the completion of an act. Something that has never been done.
While waiting for a new rebound in this case, it is finally the writer of the successful novel, "It's the sun that burned me" who won the case through the closure of this establishment by the Ministry of Basic education.


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