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Cameroon: Banana production still down

According to our sources, banana production is down 130,000 tons this year because of the crisis in the English-speaking zone.
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12/21/2018 - 12:05
Christine MBENGONO
rédactrice Cameroun-online

We learn that the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), one of the most important actresses of the plantain banana sector in Cameroon is pulling the devil by the tail. The company of the billionaire Baba Danpulo, decreed the stop of the activities in a dozen plantations of banana. The climate of terror maintained by secessionists in the English-speaking area has multiplier effects on the decline of banana production in Cameroon.

Cameroonian banana production fell by 130,000 tons. The descent into hell of the plantain banana sector began well before the outbreak of tension in the English-speaking part of Cameroon. In 2015, Mongo Beti's country declared 279,493 tons of bananas for export. The following year, 249,610 tons were exported. This situation prompted the Banana Association of Cameroon (ASSOBACAM) to sound the alarm.

Since 2017, Cameroon has lost its status as the leading banana producing country in the Caribbean-Pacific zone (ACP). Banana is the third largest export product of the Republic of Cameroon. This food is in high demand on the world market, is a source of income for his economy. Cameroon's annual banana production is estimated at about 1.2 tons.

Banana is the fruit or bay derived from the inflorescence of banana. Banana is generally a very sterile product from domesticated varieties. Only fruits of wild banana and some domestic cultivars contain seeds. The banana is yellow with brownish spots when ripe. When it is not, the banana has a green color. The word "banana. Is derived from Portuguese.

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