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Cameroon-Education: Acerfi training is back in school.

Acerfi training officially launched the start of the 26th promotion, vocational training of young people, Monday, October 14, 2019.
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10/15/2019 - 13:10
Zenani Kanga
Cameroon-Education: Acerfi training is back in school.

Acerfi training offers every year a vocational training for self employed young people. Therefore, this Monday, October 14, 2019 was the launch of its academic year 2019 / 2020. Everything began with the presentation of everyone, trainers, learners, and staff. A word from the Director-General, who welcomed the students to the premises "You have made the right choice, you have the right to demand quality training, we are happy to have put the young people capable of to employ ".

A briefing by the Director of Training regarding areas, issues (modernization of the production tool and the transformation of business models), the rules of procedure and academic programs.

After this brief introduction on all the contours of the training, the Director-General once again took the floor for the closing remarks by addressing the new learners "During your stay, we must work to guarantee you a job".


Some reactions of the learners:

"I'm waiting for him to give me basic notions"

My career is infographic and multimedia, I chose Acerfi because I was impressed by the training school, the years of experience that Acerfi is why I was attracted by this school. My expectations with Acerfi are that I can have a training and a certification to work in a company with skills and skills acquired, so I'm waiting for acerfi it gives me notions of basics. I'm happy to the welcome of acerfi because they were fathers with us. MBOLLE NOAH, Student Acerfi, Filière Infographie and Multimedia.

"The way acerfi welcomed us in my opinion is in the direction of the future"

I would like to do in digital marketing and I have not found other institutions, so for me acerfi is the right place, I found acerfi thanks to my research it was really a chance, coming out of here that I can be useful to society with digital marketing. The way that acerfi welcomed us in my view is in the direction of the future, they have a fantastic system of training valid for today and tomorrow. TAYIM FON WILFRIED, Acerfi Student, Digital Marketing Stream.

"What interested me most with acerfi are the certifications they deliver"

Already I chose acerfi because I think it is the best training center in the city of Yaoundé and acerfi I will make infrastructure and cloud. I have always been fascinated by self employment, already creating its own structure, being autonomous in the work. What I was most interested in are the certifications they issue because I am someone who is passionate about travel and I plan God willing to conquer other horizons and I am sure these certifications I will meet your expectations. According to me I think that acerfi is up to the challenge because the different open doors they have oriented us and I see that it is a good center. I am satisfied for the reception, the shooting for me was the icing on the cake . ETOUNDI MVOGO, Acerfi Student, Infrastructure and Cloud Track.