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Cameroon-Society: The impact of rains on trade in Yaoundé.

The rainy season is recognized as a season of harvest and abundance of food products for traders and customers. However, regular rains do not promote trade.
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10/10/2019 - 16:55
Zenani Kanga
Cameroon-Society: The impact of rains on trade in Yaoundé.

Shy atmosphere this October 10, 2019 at Elig Edzoa market in Yaoundé. Empty corridors, stalls without customers, and idle traders waiting for potential buyers. Obvious proofs of the almost difficult situation that this market of the capital city is going through, located in the 1st district of the city of Yaoundé, by this time of the falling rains. It is, however, 9 o'clock in the morning, a time known here to be that of the great score, but today, nothing happens, it is not the great affluence. As a result of these heavy rains that have been falling on the Cameroonian capital since September 2019, with certain impacts on the turnover of several of them.

The inconvenience is not only to the side of traders. Even customers pay the high price in this season, during which they are sometimes forced to use multifaceted tips to refuel, such as brave the endless rains protecting raincoats to get his daily ration at walk.

Below, some opinions compiled that give the extent of the situation lived in the city of Yaoundé by these rainy weather.



"The market is difficult"

During the rain, the market is difficult because the customers do not go out, and when it rains abundantly you can not harvest the cassava, there are not even harvests, so that there is the harvest right now, we are waiting for the day when it is not raining. On the other hand the dry season is passable, there is still the customers, the harvest is done easily but the transport is not easy, it becomes very expensive. Angèle MENGUE, Cassava trader, Yaoundé.


"Abundance of fruits, but no customers"

During the rainy season, there is a lot of fruit, but no customers, because there is so much fruit, the number of traders increases, and the customers do not come to the market anymore because wherever they can get them. As it is cold right now, some people find it hard to pick the fruits and the goods spoil quickly because of the humidity. Yet during the dry season, customers consume more fruit because of the heat. Blanche BEDIE, Fruit trader, Yaoundé


                  "The tomato is very abundant"

The tomato during the rainy season is very abundant and cheaper at the time of purchase but the worry is that with the humidity they rot quickly. And also, there are few customers because of heavy rains. Elyse OWONA, Tomato Traders, Yaoundé

"At the moment it is not the period"

Onions do not have so many seasons but rather periods that can fall either during the dry season or during the rainy season, but at this moment it is not the period, there are the onions but not abundantly. Solange KAMDEM, tradesman of onions, Yaoundé.