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CAMEROON-B.E.P.C 2019: Only 02 candidates were absent on June 05 in the whole country!

In a statement signed on June 13, 2019, the Minister of Secondary Education, Nalova LYONGA says that only 02 candidates were registered absent June 05 in this session 2019 B.E.P.C. A statement that obviously comes in response to the turmoil that occurred during the written phase of the review.
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06/14/2019 - 15:48
Rolande AGONG
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CAMEROON-B.E.P.C 2019: Only 02 candidates were absent on June 05 in the whole country!

Only 02 candidates were absent throughout the national territory during the written phase of the BEPC Session 2019. The Minister Nalova LYONGA made it clear in his communiqué of 13 June 2019. "Any contrary information, designed and maintained by Doubtful sources must be designed as null and void, "the statement said. A figure produced by the attendance lists coupled to the "listing generated through electronic payment of examination fees" indicates the release. A figure that comes mainly to contradict the concerns maintained during this written phase.

Uncertainty around the date of the celebration of the end of Ramadan feast had caused some confusion in the minds of the candidates. On the evening of Tuesday, June 4, 2019, Equinoxe, a Cameroon television channel, was reporting on the devastated candidates for missing the written test on the program that day. Very soon, the news was relayed by other media channels, suggesting that the 2019 Session of B.E.P.C in Cameroon would be biased by the absence of many candidates in the examination centers.

It is  however necessary to note that ,  in this release of the Minister of Secondary Education, the date indicated is that of Wednesday, June 5, 2019. Date, however, declared a holiday by the Head of State due to the effectiveness of the celebration that day of the end of Ramadan feast in Cameroon. The date subject to controversy is instead that of Tuesday, June 4, 2019, date unfortunately announced by unauthorized sources as a holiday. Typing error or firm will not address the issue where it is the most problem, difficult to say. Never mind, Nalova LYONGA in a firm tone, informs public opinion that only 02 candidates out of the 287,385 registered were absent on June 05, 2019 throughout the national territory. The questions on the balance sheet of the day of June 04 could therefore continue to wait answers.

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