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Cameroon : 812,000 tourists welcomed in 2018

The report "Cameroon Destination" released by the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation, indicates encouraging figures for Cameroonian tourism, despite the security and humanitarian context ...
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05/20/2019 - 07:36
Mike Biya
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The second edition of the "Destination Cameroon" report, published in May 2019, indicates that the country has welcomed 812,000 international visitors, or 14.5% of visitors. Added to this are 4.87 million internal visitors, for a rate of 85.5%. Bringing the overall number of visitors to 5.68 million people who have fueled the tourism industry.

Figures that, according to the Minister of Tourism and Recreation, translate a certain effervescence of the tourism sector in Cameroon. And this, despite the security and humanitarian crises that the country is going through. Including the precarious security situation in the Far North region, with the abuses of Boko Haram. But also, security instability in the north-west and south-west regions, as a result of violence between separatist armed groups and the regular army.

Also, he greets the resilience of the players in the tourism sector, facing these parameters. Stressing an "encouraging" result that he attributes to the diversification of Cameroon's tourism offer. "We rely much more on all elements of the great geographical and cultural diversity of our country to exploit the potentials available in the areas of our tourism," says Bello Bouba Maïgari.

Sector of the future for the economy of Cameroon, the industry benefits from important investments of the State over the period 2011 - 2018. According to the report, the capacity of lodging of the country went from 930 hotels in 2012 to about 1,721 hotels and 2,585 beds in 2018. At the same time, more than 837 tourist sites have been identified. In addition, 1.2 billion XAF were transferred to municipalities in 2018 to enhance 18 tourist sites.

As for destinations, Douala (43%), Yaounde (29%), Kribi (14%), Limbe (5%) and Maroua (4%), are the most important tourist destinations in Cameroon. The "Destination Cameroon" report also indicates that 36% of bookings are made in hotels with 02 stars and 34% in accommodations with 3 stars. 04-star hotels represent 12% of bookings. While 5-star establishments concentrate only 1% of bookings.

As a reminder, Cameroon had welcomed 1.012 million visitors in 2017, with XAF 631.2 billion in revenue, or 3.2% of GDP. The country plans to welcome 6 million domestic tourists and 1 million international tourists per year by 2020. "The Bretton Woods institutions envisage even stronger growth with a contribution of 7% to GDP for nearly 1,000 billion XAF​ of revenue by 2028 ", estimated the travel agency Jumia Travel in 2018.

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