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East Cameroon - Why is his music now struggling to make his voice heard?

For some time, the musical universe of the Eastern part of Cameroon has trouble revealing new talents. To this end, Cameroon-online wonders: why music on this side of the country, now struggling to make his voice heard?
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05/15/2019 - 18:46
Christine MBENGONO
Redactrice en chef

The scream of the forest that grew nearly twenty years ago Justine Nibala, singer, pygmy polyphonist of the orchestra "Patengué" had, surely, sounded a new era of glory for the music of the 'then' province 'of eastern Cameroon. An era of glory that has seen the music of the East by its sounds, rhythms and dances, radiate and mark through artists such as "Rantamplan", "JR Mpande", "Mpande Star" or groups such as "patengué" which won him many awards including that of originality in 1997, the best title and the best group of the year 2018 or the group "Baka Bantou".

A cultural and musical potential highlighted in recent years by the group "Shawala International" thanks to its successful titles "Cadre", "Zing" or more recently "oongoulie". These groups, standard bearers of the musical culture of this part of the country, unfortunately seem to be the only ones to continue to fight for the radiation of music coming from the East.

Absence of material and talent? Certainly not.

Obviously, the absence of a serious and professional supervision of these young talents very, if not too quickly satisfied to hear their songs (very often unprotected), on the only local radio stations and to be invited to ceremonies held in the region.

Also, it must be said that in the slightly modernized environment of rhythms and percussions, the music from this part of Cameroon, enjoys a bad reputation, because described as too traditional or banner of a bygone era and therefore, do not not adapting quickly to new codes.

And if, it was precisely this pure and traditional side that had to be added to all that is already done to finally see what would be the specialists definitively call THE Cameroonian Music

   ©Rolande AGONG

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