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Hajj 2019 : Paul Biya grants 1 billion XAF to pilgrims

The President of the Republic has decided to grant a special endowment to cope with the surging costs of the pilgrimage to Mecca, which involves more than 2,800 Cameroonian pilgrims this year
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05/09/2019 - 18:42
Mike Biya
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The announcement of the grant of the Head of State was made Tuesday, May 8, Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, which coordinates the operations related to the organization of the journey and stay of Cameroonian pilgrims to Mecca.

While the cost of the Hajj 2019 was to be 2,529,000 XAF for each pilgrim, the grant allows to reduce the amount of 2,242,000 XAF. That is, a considerable drop that is in line with the costs incurred during the 2018 expedition.

Several reasons explain the rise in the cost of Hajj this year. These include the increase in visa fees of 109,000 XAF. But also, the increase of the exchange rate of the dollar which went from 590 XAF in 2018 to 630 XAF in 2019. In addition, the displacement by bus inside the holy city knew an increase of approximately 175 000 XAF.

By making this special allocation of one billion XAF, President Paul Biya responds to the grievances of the group of Islamic Associations, Imams and Framers of Muslim pilgrims in Cameroon.

They complained about the increase in travel costs for Mecca, decided this year by the Saudi authorities. A gesture that has drawn the gratitude and thanks of the Muslim community, whose representatives have sent a letter of thanks to the Head of State.

"On behalf of the Muslim community, the group once again appealed to the Head of State, asking for his special support, so that the price of Hajj 2019 be reduced to that of the 2018 edition, so that to allow the greatest number of Cameroonians wishing to go to the pilgrimage to Mecca, to fulfill their religious duty, " said Minister Paul Atanga Nji, in a statement signed on May 8, 2019.

For the record, the Head of State is not his first act in favor of Muslim pilgrims. By 2018 already, 8700 suitcases had been offered to nearly 3000 pilgrims, to facilitate their journey. A measure with additional kilograms and a deductible on airline tickets. Arrangements had also been made to provide accommodation for Muslim worshipers in Mecca during the 26 days of stay.

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