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Cameroon - MIDA case : start of reimbursement of subscribers

While the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, has allocated a grant of one billion FCFA, the repayment operations of the subscribers of the MIDA begin this week
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04/29/2019 - 22:01
Mike Biya
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In a communication on April 25, the Governor of the Central Region, announced the phase of reimbursement of victims of the MIDA, whose activities had been suspended by a prefectural order on May 12, 2018. Problem: thousands of subscribers there had placed their money before the suspension. The time is therefore to refund.

"President Paul Biya has released the sum of one billion F to thicken the existing envelope," said Naseri Paul Bea. This grant comes in addition to the sum of nearly 4.9 billion CFA francs seized by the authorities, during searches on the premises of MIDA.

"We will take out the list of all subscribers who must benefit from this refund. We also have to pull out a payment slip and the lists will be arranged in alphabetical order to make it easier to find the place of payment, "explained the governor, who oversees the operations.

About 12,684 subscribers are involved in this process. Specifically, those whose payments pre-date the suspension of MIDA's activities. According to the public newspaper, Cameroon Tribune, the pro-rata reimbursement initially calculated at CFA francs 3.131 will see an increase in the amount of payment thanks to this grant from the Head of State. It will increase to 3,950 CFA francs for each place, ie 31% of the reimbursement rate for each subscriber.

Also, in a statement, Naseri Paul Bea invited the subscribers to approach the sub-commission of inquiry and claims based in the sub-prefecture of the district of Yaounde 3rd from Monday, April 29, 2019. The claims are conditioned by the presentation of the payment receipt signed by MIDA officials and the national identity card, said the statement of the Governor of the Central Region.

After collection and review of claims, "a payment slip and lists will be established in alphabetical order to facilitate tracking on the place of payment," said Naseri Paul Bea. Also announcing an electronic payment schedule. After that, the beneficiaries will be able to disburse the amounts to the General Treasury of Yaoundé.

With regard to the gap between the sums invested by the victims of MIDA, the government indicates that the difference will be filled by the MIDA officials, once the justice will have judged the case. The trial is currently underway. Indeed, the reimbursement organized by the State corresponds to 3,950 CFA francs per place, against the 12,500 CFA francs that each victim of this association paid for a place.

"The state will hand over the final list to justice for the expected balances. This means that if someone has deposited 12,500 F, it is reimbursed up to 3,950 and the remainder will be repaid by the promoters of Mida, "said the administrative authority.

For the record, since 2016, the leaders of this organization had collected a sum of 12.789 billion CFA francs from thousands of subscribers, mostly young. The operation of this mission was surrounded by a troubling opacity.

However, we know that they organized paid seminars for two weeks. Each seminarian enrolled at 12500 CFA francs for a place, with the possibility of taking several. At the end of the training he receives a sum of 70,000 CFA francs per place subscribed, allegedly for the financing of a project. Opaque operation deemed illegal by the public authorities until the signing of an order suspending the activities of this organization, May 12, 2018.

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