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Cameroon : More than 200,000 "Tramol" tablets seized in Douala

7,000 liters of smuggled fuel were also seized by agents of the Cameroon Customs, in the economic capital, this 14 April 2019
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04/21/2019 - 18:37
Mike Biya
Rédacteur cameroun-online

The agents of the Cameroonian customs made a nice strike last Sunday. In fact, a raid on a store in the Akwa district of Douala City has resulted in the seizure of a truck containing more than 200,000 Tramadol tablets and 7,000 liters of contraband fuel, it was reported from concordant sources.

In addition to the seizure of fraudulent goods, local officials of this cross-border traffic have been arrested for exploitation. Customs officers believe that the smuggling cargo originates from neighboring Nigeria. First transported to the Cameroonian town of Tiki, in the south-west, it would then have been transported by road to the economic capital to be sold.

A seizure far from unpublished. By the end of September 2018, a cargo of more than 900,000 Tramadol tablets had been intercepted at the Douala airport by Cameroon Customs. The goods came from the city of Mumbai, India. A record seizure that once again sounded the alarm about traffic that has become flourishing in Cameroon.

As a reminder, Tramadol, locally called "Tramol" is a pain reliever containing opium and whose misuse makes it a powerful drug. Subject of several trafficking, it is at the center of a plague become social in Cameroon.In a young environment in general, and in schools, in particular, the consumption of "Tramol" by adolescents is of concern to both the educational community and the health authorities.

"Street children" are also major consumers of this cheap drug, which undermines their health, both physical and mental.However, the public authorities' crusade against the consumption of Tramol tablets is coming up against the greed and the pugnacity of the traffickers who resort to several channels of importation and distribution of their merchandise, in the main cities of the country.

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