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Cameroon - 10 Phrases that draggers don't like to hear

Without protocol ladies, here are the top 10 phrases that draggers don't like to hear when they are in their favorite exercise!
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03/15/2019 - 17:29
Christine MBENGONO
Redactrice en chef

Ladies, if you are in conversation with a man who is courting you; if you appreciate this man, here is exactly what you do not have to say, at the risk of seeing him run away (except for hardened juan donations!)
Moreover, if you want to get rid of a dragger a little too "sticky", go to the bottom of the box! It's peace!

10 - No, give me your number and I'll call you

Surely, a seasoned dredger knows it's fake and you're never going to call it (unless he's lucky enough to Nyangono from the south)

9 - I don't have time !

In his head the guy says to himself: "yes, it is that same, but if I make you a transfer of money, you will have the time to go for no! Apprentice panther! "

8 - I use the phone of my sister / girlfriend, I do not have a phone

An informed dredger will flee, because he will know that you are already planning a request to purchase the last Tecno Phantom or an iPhone 6 + ...

7 - My mother is sick, we will not be able to see each other anymore !

In the head of the guy it's "eeh aah, it's only me she was waiting to get sick? bad luck goes beyond death, eh! "

6 - You're a good guy, but it's complicated

The guy thinks in a low voice: "Here, witchcraft has begun! "

5 - I'm not ready for a relationship

At this moment, our donation juan is said "You have finished sharing throughout the neighborhood, when it's my turn you play the naïve? ivou *! "

4 - I'm not a girl for you, you're better than that !

Ladies, it would be better not to tell you what he thinks of you at this moment!

3 - OK !!!

Seriously ; someone develops the verb and all that you find best to say to him is "OK", while he asked you if you live in Bonabéri ??

2 - I just see you as a friend, like a brother what!?!

The guy (no longer in his head, but this time live) "Mother, you do not even have the charisma of Xerxei Lannister and I tell you that my father died 2 days after my birth so I know all my sisters ! Anyway ... "

1 - Can you make me an OM** ?

It is the silence after this question that makes you understand that, like a traveling pigeon, our inveterate flirty is flying towards new horizons.

In short, the guy is no longer from the neighborhood; it is not about him that you will strengthen your accelerated training of "Panthers Full Option"!


1.1 - I don't sleep before the wedding / I do not sleep before 3 months / I do not sleep the first night!

1.2 - Why do you smoke / drink? what does it give you?

That's it, you know everything about the 10 Phrases that draggers do not like to hear! But above all, do not forget that there are dredgers as resistant as Valérien steel!

*ivou = Sorcerer (e); Witchcraft.

**OM = Orange Money

©Christine MBENGONO

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